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Westlaw Patron Access Remote

The Library has only two (2) Westlaw seats, which allows for two concurrent research sessions. If two other users are accessing Westlaw Patron Access Remote you will see a notice to try again later.


Use the Westlaw Patron Access Remote link below. You will not be able to log in by going directly to Westlaw.

Returning users should sign in with OnePass username and password previously created.

First-time users must click create an account via the Create OnePass profile link on the log-in page. After registration you can continue to Westlaw. Please note:

  • You will receive an email verifcation from west.onepass@thomsonreuters.com during this process.
  • This account requires a phone number for two-factor authentication.
  • If you previously signed up for Westlaw or OnePass, including during the special COVID access program in 2020-2021, you may need to use a different email address.

It is important to click Sign Off at the end of your session. This will ensure a seat becomes available immediately for the next user.

Westlaw Patron Access Remote

Limitations on Usage

All Westlaw content is limited by Copyright laws.

There is a download/email limit per session and per day. Once download limit is reached, users will not be able to download or email content, but printing will still be available.

We only have two concurrent seats/licenses, so the database may disallow access until a seat becomes available.

The content in this special remote pilot program is different from the Westlaw content at our physical locations. In general, the pilot program contains all primary State and Federal law, but our on-site Westlaw contains more secondary sources.

About the Pilot Program

Westlaw Patron Access Remote provides customers with access to the same tools and resources the courts and our nation’s law firms rely on every day. Its purpose is to further the library’s vision of access to justice through this pilot for self-represented litigants, non-attorneys, or attorneys who are not working on behalf of a client. The Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative is participating with Thomson Reuters in the Westlaw Patron Access Remote pilot program to allow library pro se customers remote access to Westlaw, a premier legal research database.

If you would like additional assistance on how to create various search terms to locate the information you are looking to find, you can contact research attorneys from Westlaw at 1-800-733-2889.