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West Tampa Branch Library Renovation Project

Coming 2024

The West Tampa Public Library is undergoing a renovation of the Main Library room. Estimated to be completed in May of 2024, the Library will seamlessly blend the modern and historic elements.

Project Scope

  • Replace flooring in the reading room and lobby.
  • Renovate all restrooms on the first floor.
  • Lower shelving to allow for better sightlines.
  • New, varied furniture types with increased durability, accessibility, and flexibility.
  • Modernize lobby space and reflect neighborhood heritage (tile).
  • Create separate children's space for sound dampening.
Interior Mood Board with library furniture and matching fabrics
Floor plan of remodel including main and children's rooms

Construction Updates November 2023

The library and book drops are still closed due to the renovations and will reopen once renovations are completed.

Current construction milestones at the West Tampa Public Library include:

  • Updated electrical wiring
  • Updated plumbing
  • New drywall
  • New lighting

Completed Projects

  • New tile and flooring were installed in all rooms, including the lobby, reading room, and restrooms.
  • New shelving has been installed, and the shelving ends have been painted to match the design.
  • All doors and railings have been painted.
  • New library furniture has been ordered
  • Dorothy E. Harmon Room has received a new lighting design concept.
  • All storefronts have been installed for the children’s room.

Look Ahead

Lookahead in West Tampa Public Library construction for the remainder of 2023 & 2024:

  • Final mechanical inspection scheduled.
  • The last fire alarm connections are to be made, and a system check is to be undertaken before bringing it online.
  • Decorative lighting is to be received and installed.
  • Grouting in the lobby and skirt tile at the steps will be installed.
  • Bathroom dividers are to be received and installed.

The completion of our extensive renovation project aims to bring a touch of modern elegance to this historic establishment. With its grand reopening in mid-2024, the West Tampa Public Library will feature a blend of rich local history and modern convenience mixed with many eclectic design elements. The spacious and light-filled interiors will provide a comfortable and inviting ambiance for reading, studying, and exploring our collection of books and resources. Our state-of-the-art technology infrastructure will ensure seamless connectivity and access to digital resources. Discover cozy reading nooks, collaborative workspaces, and engaging children's areas thoughtfully designed to cater to every age group.

Renovation in Progress

Entrance/foyer with new carpet
Reading room with new wood floor
Glass enclosed side room
Wood floor in tutoring room
Entrance to Dorothy Harmon Tutoring Room
Open reading room with stained glass windows and hard wood floor
Wide view of open reading room
Different angle of reading room with yellow wall
Glass enclosed room with wood flooring painted blue
Corner with bare floor painted yellow
Stairwell with new carpet at bottom
Enclosed glass room being painted
New carpet in hallway to elevator
Corner with new carpet and drywall cutouts
New carpet installed at entrance