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Start date: November 2021

The Charles J. Fendig Public Library renovation project will ensure the building is up to modern code, replace an HVAC system that is at end of life, and provide a refreshed space. The library and book drops are closed due to the interior renovations.

Construction Update

During construction at the Fendig Public Library more items have been discovered that need to be updated and brought to modern code. These items include:

  • Updated electrical wiring
  • Updated plumbing
  • New roof
  • New duct work

These improvements will future-proof the building. This has extended the project’s timeline but will provide the community with a modern, up to code, and safe library to enjoy for years to come. Although currently closed the Charles J. Fendig Public Library will reopen once renovations are complete.

Project Features

  • Upgraded electrical and mechanical (air conditioning) systems
  • Renovated restrooms
  • Additional meeting spaces
  • Increased access to electrical outlets
  • New flooring and paint throughout
  • Replacement of all furniture
  • Reconfigured shelving

Renovation in Progress

Interior Mood Board with library furniture and matching fabrics
Section of remodeling blueprint including collection, reading room, and meeting rooms